The game has changed.

Connecting Reps with Retailers and Consumers Like Never Before

It's surprisingly difficult for a furniture retailer to do a decent job with their website. Shoppers have high expectations, they want local retailers to have professional quality websites that are on par with the big guys. They want to see products and promotions online, then purchase in the store. Unfortunately, creating an online product catalog is difficult and expensive. Keeping it up to date is even tougher. Most retailers know they need to do a better job with their website, but don't know what to do.

DoBizBuzz changes all of that. You can set your retailers up with a professional quality online catalog of your products... for free.

Get Your Products Found

Increase your brand exposure

58% of furniture shoppers use online resources to make both online and in-store purchasing decisions. If they don’t find your products online, they will assume they’re not out there and you will lose out on that potential sale. The more sites you can publish your products on, the more likely furniture consumers are to find them. With DoBizBuzz you can give a homepage to every one of your dealers and give consumers a better chance to find your products. Here you can proudly display your products with high-resolution images and custom product descriptions created in-house to give the consumer as much information about the item as possible.

Empower Your Dealers

Give them a free homepage to display your products

Each time you identify a dealer, you create a completely free, self-serviceable website for them where they can show your products they carry and tell the consumer which store to buy these products at. More than just a website though, when a retailer joins DoBizBuzz his store information will also be published onto our network of nearly 200 Dealer Locator websites. These sites draw in 3.5 million views each month and are designed to show the consumer nearby stores where they can go to buy the products they want.

Connect With Consumers

Show them your products the way they were meant to be shown

Each product on DoBizBuzz is created with the consumer in mind. We get our high-resolution images straight from the manufacturer and we have a full time team of content publishers who create unique descriptions. These descriptions give consumers the best possible idea of the item so they can find exactly what they want.

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